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Feb. 15th, 2009 07:48 am
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Does anyone remember the URL of that lj site that allows you to log in more than one account at a time? Trying to find it so that I can switch back and forth the LAZY and EASY way. *falls dead asleep on the floor* Will be up laters!!

And back to work again that is.
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Rochefort, meet the world. World, meet Rochefort.

Rochefort is my brand new, very own, Toshiba Satellite U405 laptop. Earned it, and by Gods I deserve it. I Needed a laptop for work, esp with the job I'll be doing (inc downtime and all) and I need something I could really rely on. Rochefort was lightweight, a bit rich for my blood (but I'm certain he'll make it up to me), and he is easy to conceal for the most part. I want to write, want to continue writing, and this way I'll be able to no matter the time (or even the place for the most part.) I am looking forward to our having a long and cohesive working and playing relationship, Rochefort and I.

Rochefort is black and a kind of silvery grey with shiny keypad and very understated elegance. And he's a little bit, just a little mind you, evil looking. Of course it could be just me.

And yes, if he wasn't going to be named Rochefort, I'd have named him Darth, Lobo or Frost - for he truly is a MALE computer, and is oh so wicked and tempting me to the dark side... *happy sighs* I DO look forward to getting to know him better!!!
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The good. Got a promotion to full time here at the hospital with security!Read more... )
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Rough weekend, going back to bed now.

And oh yes, before I forget, have a dragon egg or four...

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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The steps and the sidewalk were shoveled twice this morning by 9 AM. By whom you wonder? By the only apartment in the building who has one car, and who had to park over at the garage and get a cab home because their parking spot, (as each apartment in the building is allowed one parking spot) was taken up by others.

And yes, there is a parking ban today, so said car cannot park on the street. Again.
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I swear, going to the hospital makes you sick. Which may mean it's time for another job. But then, when I'm working - I don't get sick. It's only when I go in as a patient, or perhaps as a mother of one. Hmm. Anyhow, went in Thurs AM for my son, who's temp was skyrocketing and who wasn't doing well, and found out the kid had strep. And while we were in his ER room I began throwing up. Not a good sign. No, not at all.

So back we went later that day, when Bear had finally worn my resistance down enough, and gotten his bro's Duncan and Charles to assist me into the car as I was rather dizzy and achy-owie, and back to the ER we went. And into the same room my son had occupied that morning, come to think of it. They took my blood, and a throat swab, and in return they pumped a couple bags of IV fluids into me, told me I was dehydrated, and that I had some bug going around that yay A - was taking down whole families in the area, and B - I had to wait it out, as no antibiotics could be used on this type of thing. But I did get nausea meds. Go me!

So back home I went to die in peace (even missed two days of work, which I NEVER DO DAMN IT), and have been dealing with the body aching, joint aching, shivering, spiky-temp, nausea and lower intestine issues etc ever since. Although yesterday I got to add a new chapter to the Lee - is - ill book - oh yes, the lung rattling, throat burning, body shaking cough is back. Just like an old friend. "Lung ick, long time no see! It's been nearly one - or was it two weeks since last time you visited, how you doing old buddy?"

Haven't been on line, because my eyes start aching and burning and it kills my head which makes it hard to type, haven't been cleaning my house (oh man do I need my house cleaned) because I get to coughing so hard I have to sit down, and then I just feel freaking drained, and gah. Life is messy right now. Going to go back and lie down, and pull the blanket back up over my head. Wake me when Spring gets here and my cough is gone, 'kay?
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Hmm, awake again. Body seems to be going into a rather strange hibernation schedule. I wake up, wide eyed and blinky at 3 AM, can stay awake until about noon, then pass out until around 5 or 6ish, then up and DYING for bed 3 and a half hours later. I KNOW that part of it is because I'm coming off the massive amounts of caffeine I did while working (down to maybe a cup of coffee a day as opposed to... much vivarin) which is also probably causing the growly, grumbly, suddenly depressive and anti-social side effects.

Or hell, maybe it's just me.

And yes, it's that time of year again - must hit the tanning salon - even if it's only five minutes at a whack. And the St Johnswort, and the Rescue Remedy. And no, NOT taking valerian, thank you very much! Old gymsock smelling herb, think I'll do without it this time. Doesn't even taste good with honey. And yes, being bears we have LOTS of honey. And honeymead.
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I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Romantic Extroverted Reinventer
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Yes, today was my last day of almost two month long run of working said ass off on both 2nd and 3rd shifts every week. Got more time in than the full timers! But, slept over 12 hours when I finally did go down today, and wow I went down hard. JUST waking up now in fact... and still tired! Bear and I both worked all kinds of hellacious shifts over the holiday, so it's nice to see him and my son again. Being as they are, you know, the guys I live with?

And I can finally get back on the net and what do I see? My dragons died. DAMMIT. My fault, should have known I needed more time to help them.

But yes, am back to my normal work schedule which means I have a chance to clean my house not just run in and out of it. And wow, does it need cleaning. And I can write again, YAY!

Ok, now I'm off to read my f-lists, and check up on my muses' and all that good stuff. LATER!!
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Tired, so tired becoming silly impulsively tired. This is bad. Bad for my health, bad for my wallet, bad for Bear's sanity. BIG time bad for Bear's sanity. So I shall retire to bed now like I promised him, as I have work soon. Yes, I know, I just got out. I know this, ok?

And I am so freaking tired of coughing and hacking and having my - hell, can one's bronchial tubes ache? Because my lungs do, or that part of my body which encapsulates such things does.

And I have paragraphs for my writing posts that lead off into no where, tangents, all here and there with no sense to be made of any of them. Very strange.

Oh yes, and I have dragon eggs.

Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!
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I'm dead tired, and smell like cloves and cardamom, and somewhere along the way, I found/absconded with/watched the TV special for/stole two dragon eggs. Damn it! I knew I shouldn't have stayed up all night! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

But most of the REAL cookies are done, and the house smells amazing because I tried that ornament recipe with spices and applesauce and Elmer's glue. So I have lots of those cinnamon/clove/allspice/cardamom and nutmeg ornaments in the oven... Headachy from all of it, but the kitchen is mostly picked up and am STARVED, and going to bed soon. If I owe replies, will try to get them tonight before work. Yay work.

Good night and pleasant dreams.
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I am home.
I am alive.

OR TOMORROW (I hope, hope, wish, pray)

And maybe, if I can get away with it? Won't be going in Tuesday either. Unless they really, really need me.

Happy Longest Night, and may your fires stay lit until the Sun comes back to us once more.

*is coughing, and achy and owie, but candle lit and mead on the altar. Not sure if I'll be able to stay awake the entire night or not though, but am going to try!
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So last night I SWORE I would not go in to work today. I swore it, and swore it, and said it, and banged the table and ate my hot fudge and brownie concoction and swore some more that I would take today off like I needed to, and sleep in, and clean my house, and put up Yuletide decorations...

Well, I got it mostly right. Got a bunch of things put up, and stuff sorted and put away (but not the laundry, dear gods it's mutating and growing before my EYES) and was up all night, and couldn't sleep so I was up by noon and...

Yep, got called in. Couldn't say no. So guess where I am going to be?


I so suck at saying no. Getting better though, only doing HALF a shift - or maybe a little more... THAT'LL show 'em I mean business! Or not.
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So blasted tired. And I'm catching a cold. Specifically, I think I'm catching Bear's cold which will suck because his cold knocked him flat for about3-4 days.

I felt really good one day. One day, that was yesterday in fact. Good enough to put on makeup, good enough to smile as I ran my ass off while working. Ah, work. So much fun. Especially now, you know, that little shower we had last week (and yes, that was an UNDERSTATEMENT), the one who knocked out the power to what - 300, 000 of us in NH, and hmm, what was it - about a million people in Massachusetts? To say that I've gotten a little overtime would be an understatement. I have seriously worked days in a row where I haven't seen my own son, and only seen Bear because we meet in passing, one to the bed to pass out, and the other getting their clothes on to go out.

Top it off, two of our regular guys are out for a while, and one of our guys quit the other day.

No, am not bitching because I have work. Am grateful I have work. Am also grateful that they want me (or corresponding warm body) there enough to ask me to stay late, and to come in early, and to work extra days, and all three shifts, (mainly second and third however). I'm very grateful. But I'm starting to feel it, and Bear says he can see it - how I'm... whatever. NEED MORE MAKEUP. BTW, I love this mineral makeup stuff. Wow, takes my looks from dead to alive, or at least passably zombified.

All I'm looking forward to now? Alan Charles, my eldest beloved mutant Son, flies in Thursday night into Manchester for Christmas vacation. So after I get out of work, and yes, have to work the hospital for some meeting that will prob run late... I will be able to pick him up at the Manchester Airport, and he will be going with us to Resurrections to party!


And yes, Resurrections is on that night, and for those not in the know? It is our 2-Year Anniversary! Yes, Two years ago, Res opened at the Breezeway pub in Manchester. It will be a good night. It will be a GREAT night. *crossing fingers* And yes, I am talking about my job again, but it's my other job. My fun one. And at this one, I don't have to wear a uniform or tie.

PS, ANNE and EVERYONE, Thank you all for rescuing my egg! SO Much thanks. And yes, would you mind babysitting my new baby dragon until I find my head and get it screwed on? I think I left it in the car...
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Cut to save your sanity from my dragon clicking insanity
Read more... )
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Repo! The Genetic Opera is coming to Boston on Saturday night for a midnight showing at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard Street Brookline, MA 2446 (617) 734-2500

If you go... take me with yo? pu-leaseeee? I SO want to see this one. Yea, I know that it's coming out on DVD on Jan 20, 2009 but wow would I love to go see it now!

And yes, I WILL Have this DVD. Come on, Sarah Brightman, Anthony Stewart Head, et all? Hell yea!

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LJ cut to save friendlists, and keep from spamming friends... <lj-cut><a href=""><img src="" style="border-width: 0" alt="Adopt one today!"/></a> <a href=""><img src="" style="border-width: 0" alt="Adopt one today!"/></a> <a href=""><img src="" style="border-width: 0" alt="Adopt one today!"/></a> <a href=""><img src="" style="border-width: 0" alt="Adopt one today!"/></a>
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Must be tired. It's after 5 AM, and all I can do is jump in my chair thinking 'my dragon eggs are cracking, they're cracking! Gonna hatch me a dragon!!' Yea, did mention I was tired right?

Happy belated birthdays to BETH, oh cheezedanishy one, and hoping that you get a bandaid on that scratch and that you had SOME SORT OF FUN for your birthday!

And to those who celebrate it - Happy official day of giving thanks, and this is my official THANK YOU, to all of you. May your day be filled with people who appreciate you the way you deserve, the way I appreciate you.

PS. I'm hiding my eggsies under a cut so you don't have to look if you don't want to. THEY'RE CRACKING, Read more... )
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Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Go on, pet's em, ok?

*edited for content* Damn this sudden Klepto tendency! I stole another one! ARGH. Where are the Dragon police when we need them? Or, a dragon diversion course for young drago-addicts?

Adopt one today!


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