Feb. 15th, 2009

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Rochefort, meet the world. World, meet Rochefort.

Rochefort is my brand new, very own, Toshiba Satellite U405 laptop. Earned it, and by Gods I deserve it. I Needed a laptop for work, esp with the job I'll be doing (inc downtime and all) and I need something I could really rely on. Rochefort was lightweight, a bit rich for my blood (but I'm certain he'll make it up to me), and he is easy to conceal for the most part. I want to write, want to continue writing, and this way I'll be able to no matter the time (or even the place for the most part.) I am looking forward to our having a long and cohesive working and playing relationship, Rochefort and I.

Rochefort is black and a kind of silvery grey with shiny keypad and very understated elegance. And he's a little bit, just a little mind you, evil looking. Of course it could be just me.

And yes, if he wasn't going to be named Rochefort, I'd have named him Darth, Lobo or Frost - for he truly is a MALE computer, and is oh so wicked and tempting me to the dark side... *happy sighs* I DO look forward to getting to know him better!!!

By the way

Feb. 15th, 2009 07:48 am
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Does anyone remember the URL of that lj site that allows you to log in more than one account at a time? Trying to find it so that I can switch back and forth the LAZY and EASY way. *falls dead asleep on the floor* Will be up laters!!

And back to work again that is.


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