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Hi! Am in Louisville, the truck sucks. It's like a huge kite with wings. And dammit, I want a hat! I want one of those straw western-type hats that I see out here. It shall be good.

W's sister gave me a ton of shoes (ohmygod MORE SHOES) and they fit and now I just need to buy the outfits to match. You think I kid? Heh. Not. I uh, think she likes me. Not a freaking clue why you understand. Strange but true.

Met Kym and her family yesterday, Kym is an absolute TREASURE! So good finally putting a face to the voice. Her family was interesting as well, would have enjoyed the chance to get to know them better - alas no time.

Also met up with Christina. Lovely, (physically as well as mentally) lady - and so patient to wait half the night for us in a restaurant parking lot next to a dead man. No, am serious. The guy that was asleep in the car next to her was dead. And NO, I can't make shit like this up. And the night waiter wasn't bad in that brunette-dyes-his-hair-bright-blond kind of way. He put up with us, which is better than most people do when confronted by a bunch of insane wenches at 1 AM.

Also, I would like to point out - am going to Velvet Revolver with Sue in May. She invited me this morning. WHEEEEEE!!!! I know, I suck. Get over it.

PS.. Open letter to my son - if you jump my car like you did your grandparents van? Fixing the oil pan is not all you will end up paying for. You will also have to pay for your hospital bills when I BEAT YOU. That said... I wanna see the video dammit! Show me show me! OR get me the link to youtube when you put it up.

Also, Congrats eldest mutant son! He was accepted into the University of Ohio Northwestern (or some such name) in their automotive program! It was his first choice, and I am most parentally proud of him! *big, tired, mommy grin here*

Gotta get back to packing, and moving, and moving, and all. Hugs!


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