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I swear, going to the hospital makes you sick. Which may mean it's time for another job. But then, when I'm working - I don't get sick. It's only when I go in as a patient, or perhaps as a mother of one. Hmm. Anyhow, went in Thurs AM for my son, who's temp was skyrocketing and who wasn't doing well, and found out the kid had strep. And while we were in his ER room I began throwing up. Not a good sign. No, not at all.

So back we went later that day, when Bear had finally worn my resistance down enough, and gotten his bro's Duncan and Charles to assist me into the car as I was rather dizzy and achy-owie, and back to the ER we went. And into the same room my son had occupied that morning, come to think of it. They took my blood, and a throat swab, and in return they pumped a couple bags of IV fluids into me, told me I was dehydrated, and that I had some bug going around that yay A - was taking down whole families in the area, and B - I had to wait it out, as no antibiotics could be used on this type of thing. But I did get nausea meds. Go me!

So back home I went to die in peace (even missed two days of work, which I NEVER DO DAMN IT), and have been dealing with the body aching, joint aching, shivering, spiky-temp, nausea and lower intestine issues etc ever since. Although yesterday I got to add a new chapter to the Lee - is - ill book - oh yes, the lung rattling, throat burning, body shaking cough is back. Just like an old friend. "Lung ick, long time no see! It's been nearly one - or was it two weeks since last time you visited, how you doing old buddy?"

Haven't been on line, because my eyes start aching and burning and it kills my head which makes it hard to type, haven't been cleaning my house (oh man do I need my house cleaned) because I get to coughing so hard I have to sit down, and then I just feel freaking drained, and gah. Life is messy right now. Going to go back and lie down, and pull the blanket back up over my head. Wake me when Spring gets here and my cough is gone, 'kay?


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