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So blasted tired. And I'm catching a cold. Specifically, I think I'm catching Bear's cold which will suck because his cold knocked him flat for about3-4 days.

I felt really good one day. One day, that was yesterday in fact. Good enough to put on makeup, good enough to smile as I ran my ass off while working. Ah, work. So much fun. Especially now, you know, that little shower we had last week (and yes, that was an UNDERSTATEMENT), the one who knocked out the power to what - 300, 000 of us in NH, and hmm, what was it - about a million people in Massachusetts? To say that I've gotten a little overtime would be an understatement. I have seriously worked days in a row where I haven't seen my own son, and only seen Bear because we meet in passing, one to the bed to pass out, and the other getting their clothes on to go out.

Top it off, two of our regular guys are out for a while, and one of our guys quit the other day.

No, am not bitching because I have work. Am grateful I have work. Am also grateful that they want me (or corresponding warm body) there enough to ask me to stay late, and to come in early, and to work extra days, and all three shifts, (mainly second and third however). I'm very grateful. But I'm starting to feel it, and Bear says he can see it - how I'm... whatever. NEED MORE MAKEUP. BTW, I love this mineral makeup stuff. Wow, takes my looks from dead to alive, or at least passably zombified.

All I'm looking forward to now? Alan Charles, my eldest beloved mutant Son, flies in Thursday night into Manchester for Christmas vacation. So after I get out of work, and yes, have to work the hospital for some meeting that will prob run late... I will be able to pick him up at the Manchester Airport, and he will be going with us to Resurrections to party!


And yes, Resurrections is on that night, and for those not in the know? It is our 2-Year Anniversary! Yes, Two years ago, Res opened at the Breezeway pub in Manchester. It will be a good night. It will be a GREAT night. *crossing fingers* And yes, I am talking about my job again, but it's my other job. My fun one. And at this one, I don't have to wear a uniform or tie.

PS, ANNE and EVERYONE, Thank you all for rescuing my egg! SO Much thanks. And yes, would you mind babysitting my new baby dragon until I find my head and get it screwed on? I think I left it in the car...


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