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Yes, I am of the nervous here. But, in an effort to get back into writing, that thing which I love that also drives me to cower behind dictionaries and duck into doorways to hide from the random drive-by thesaurus.

(and as Dele wrote) SO. Lyrics meme, my friends. Give me some lyrics (JUST A COUPLE LINES) and I will write for you something about one of your characters and one of mine. (which for me, is horrible because it's been so long since I've rp'ed that I don't recall all of the muses out there that I've written with, much less which of my muses wrote with them! And if you could give me a hint who you all play again it would be AWESOME, but shhh)

And ALTERNATIVELY for ... people who don't RP with me, pick some lyrics, and I shall find a muse to respond with a few paragraphs...or something. Trust me, I have a few.

PS, some of this might end up being NSFW, because you know, I've done that sort of thing before. Just saying.
PPS, if you RP'ers know of any others who would like to join in the insanity, spread the word if you want.
PPPS, I do have to do things like, you know, eat, and shower, and work tonight. So some of this may be delayed.
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Ok, getting some quizzical looks from the surrounding area about my last post. No, not upset at others. Yes, am REALLY pissed at self. And this is RP bs, so it's probably not very interesting to my RL friends, ok?

Friend of mine got upset because someone used her pup and made a pup-child based on hers and another one. Long story, not gonna go into it here. I understand how she feels, understand a lot of things. And I believe it got all sorted out. But at the time? Feelings were hurt.

And then this morning I realized I had done the SAME EXACT THING with the history of one of my pups. Didn't ask a friend of mine whom I rp with (hasn't been on line lately, rl things I believe) but went ahead and created a past for my pup that either had, or had others assume that their pup was a large part of. I'm guilty of the same thing that made my friend get upset when it happened to her.

I don't like that. And so I'm chilling out on this pup for a while, at least until I can get permission. And I can't get an angle on her new history yet anyhow. If my friend's pup was a big part of her life? She would NOT be the way she is now, no matter who's blood actually runs in her veins. And if they weren't? I still don't know. I tried to create her as more a pard animal than the social outcast that her mother is, and I just don't see it going in that direction. And to be perfectly honest? I've played social outcast before. Not in the mood to do it again. Trouble-child does it enough for three people.


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