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Ok, I'm an ijit, (idiot for those in the know) I did NOT sleep last new years away in a medicated slumber after my gall bladder surgery. NO, I was at Dark Intentions. And I believe that is the first and last time I ever saw a certain very graceful fellow dressed in impeccable clothing and dancing or doing katas, (or both?) Whatever it was, it was mesmerizing. Gah, I have a horrible memory. And I started my job at the convenience store Last January too. I could have sworn that I was only there a month, maybe two. I was there for five.

My memory is slipping. So I resolve to write more in this and keep the memories I have from slipping away completely. Whether others will get to read it though... that remains to be seen.

Um, resolutions, resolutions. I resolve to allow more rp pups out to play. And to try to keep reign on the ones I have now. Some of them don't get to come out enough, some of them haven't been out in MONTHS. However, I also resolve that I'm going to be more interested in real life than the internet, so it's going to be a rather delicate balance here. Hmmmm.

I resolve to make a conscious effort to be more healthy. You'll notice I DID NOT SAY that 'die - with - a T' word right? Riiiiight. More healthy encompasses more than that. Like, oh getting away from the computer and interactingv with real people, even when I have nothing to say and don't particularly want to say anything. Stuff like that. Or even stepping on the treadmill at work between inside rounds. Heh. And watching what I eat more than just eating. And I suppose that includes more veggies and less chips.

Happy New Years ALL!

And on a PS note. Yes, I know I was invited out to a number of places. And yes I know that a few people wanted Donovan and I to come visit. And more than a few of them are probably pissed at me at the moment for not going out. But you know what? I had the night off, in the house, with my son, alone. Just the two of us. Drinking rootbeer and hugging each other on the couch at midnight watching the ball drop, and on the phone with my girlfriend. (my next call was to my oldest son, who was in the midst of partying with HIS friends. heh) That's worth more than sparklies or sharp pointy objects people. Worth more than it's weight in gold.


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