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Took last night off, spent with family. Just family. Not friends, not the Internets, just the man and the kiddo and me. And it SUCKS being the shortest in the bunch.

And for the record, having seen them both now? Costumes in Alice in Wonderland were AWESOME, but I could have waited for it to come out on DVD. Avatar I'm glad I got to see on a big screen.

Today? Up at ungodly hour of 8 AM (which is the hour I'm supposed to be going to sleep) so that I can go to MOAB class.

MOAB = "Management of Agressive Behavior".

That's 6 hrs long, refresher course on how to stand AWAY from the upset/distraught/Angry/Physically dangerous person and what to do when /Angry/Physically dangerous person crosses that line, and how to (if you are smart and intelligent and observant and know what the hell you're doing and saying) keep that line from being crossed in the first place.

And then there are holds, and take downs, and other things I'm not going to get into here.

And what the - I don't get weekend differential from taking this class? This is a weekend right? Hmm, I WILL BE SPEAKING TO SOMEONE ABOUT THIS...

THEN then home, hopefully bed, and back to work tonight.

Oh and one more thing... CAFFEEINEEEEEE! WHERE OH WHERE DID I PUTS IT MY PRECIOUS! Yes, a stop and DD's will be in order.
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