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12 Hour shift at insane asylum hospital after a day of barely sleeping, check.

45 min to get out of uniform and find something decent to wear to wedding (I chose one of my sarees'), AND put on makeup and find jewelry, check (by the way, this MAY IN FACT be a new world record for me! Just saying!)

1 bright blue and violet saree with embroidered peacocks amidst a SEA of black and red. Black and red? Of COURSE it was black and red! This was Rob and Anna's wedding after all. Cue 1 security officer who almost didn't make it out of the car because she was so embarrassed/mortified, and in fact asked/begged the driver to bring her home RIGHT THEN. Fortunately for me, cooler heads and people who had actually, you know, SLEPT prevailed and I did, indeed, get my butt out of the car. and couldn't believe the amount of people who LOVED the saree!!

1 hour of waiting for everyone to get there, and sloooowly starting to freeze because face it, saree's just aren't fall and winter apparel and someone told me 'it's 50 degrees out, you won't freeze'. Too bad it didn't stay 50 degrees, hmm? Fortunately for me, I had a Bear, and Bear had a nice, warm leather coat that he wrapped around my shoulders. Mmmm, warm. Mmmm, Bear!

1 beautiful little stone church. One handsome groom and one beautiful bride. Very handsome wedding party including one red head in a red dress that looked amazing. Never thought the colors could go as well as they did, but with her skin tone and all? Wow.

0 pagans struck by lightning at said little stone church. Was a good thing too, there were a LOT of us.

5, um 6, um 7, uhhhh... Lots of yummy foods at the reception, and much fun and amusement abounded. And no I did not fall asleep with my face in the plate as I had been worried about. I did however nearly go to sleep on Bear's shoulder. (mmm, shoulder!)

1 very tired, slightly chilly, saree wearing security officer home by 6ish, and in bed by 7ish, and asleep by 7:01 or there 'bouts. Ok, let me rephrase this - took the saree off first before the bed thing.

All in all, this adds up to ummmmm, lots of fun, and a wonderful day watching two friends in love celebrate their joy and celebrating with lots of friends from the Goth/Ren/social crowd I haven't even seen since I was last at Rez. Damn I miss working there.

The downside? I woke an hour ago because my body is so used to being awake this time of night that... yea. But my brain is too fried to concentrate to write. So hmm, it's reading or movie. And since we don't have television in the bedroom? It's reading time for me I thinks. Night all.

Date: 2009-11-23 08:39 am (UTC)From: [identity profile] mistressnaoko.livejournal.com
Sleep well, and AWESOME to hear about the wedding!


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