May. 21st, 2011

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You know, sometimes I actually forget that this lj exists. I still have some of my characters that I role play on livejournal, but this one, my public one? My 'for me' journal that had so many hopes, and things? I think it kind of got lost along the way for a while. That's going to change, I think.

I've missed this journal. I've missed the friends that I have on this journal. Forgive me, I've been away. But I have decided that I am coming back.

AND to celebrate my coming back to ursa_mater? I get to report that today Bear and I travel off to North Carolina, to do something I started back YEARS ago. We are going to go meet some dear friends that I would never have had, never have met, never would have known if it weren't for the internet. If it weren't for livejournal. I've done this a few times now, and I have to admit that by and far? It has been such a success!

And I have met such absolutely fantastic people through this. Christina, Geoff, Abigail, Kym, and the rest of you. People who opened their hearts and homes to me when I would venture out to find the name behind the screen, friends and companions. Yes, am looking at you Chelle!

So now? This won't make much sense to my real-world friends, but my old role-playing (SAGES_of_CHAOS and DEAR_MULTIVERSE (and maybe some TRANSGRESSIONS?) friends might get a kick out of this. Today Bear and I are flying out to North Carolina to be guests this weekend at the wedding of Nicky and Nick. Unless you are on tenebrae_nostro you might not know them. But some of you? Might remember the guy who played back on SoC and DM oh about five years ago. You know, the one who played the killer, true-to-form, sarcastic and awesome DEACON FROST? (Anne, he played so well off your Derek Bliss, remember?)

Yea. Him. I'm going to Deacon Frost's players' wedding. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Especially since his fiance has become such a dear, wonderful and fantastic friend, who can and does regularly write me under the table.


I will write more about real world, and real life and real times later. But now? It's about 6 30 in the morning, and the only thing packed is the mead that we are going to try to fly down as a gift. So yea, time for coffee, and quick packing, and so much excitement and running around.

But I really did want to take a few minutes to sit down first, take a deep breath, and say thank you to all of my friends. The ones I see every week, the ones I don't see nearly enough, and the one's I haven't actually seen face-to-face yet. Thanks guys, you all rock so hard!



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