Sep. 2nd, 2009

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Ah well it's only been what two, three months maybe since I've last posted?

Not much could have happened in all that time, right?

Lets see. Car finally runs. After a Spring and Summer of it sitting there, rusting away and staring in my kitchen window crying in that sad, near silent car voice - 'make money, Fix me you bitch, don't be stuck in that house all freaking year because you KNOW that darkness is adding to your depression and only makes you more secluded, more apt to stay in the darkness!' Hello vicious circle? NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN.

SO!! After new head gasket, new alternator, new serpentine belts, new breaks and rotors, and new a bunch of other things, I should be go-go-gadgetting around the world right now, yes? UM, no. Now my car runs, but it doesn't stop. Nope, the brake lines are rotted/rusted through and it will cost even more money to get them done. And the struts we bought won't work because something is rusted/frozen and needs to be cut off which means new boots and... whatever else.

Did I mention that I didn't have the money to take my car to a garage and had been saving my nickles and dimes for when my son came home from college so he could work on it for me, for an EXTREMELY reduced rate, and only have to buy parts? and I STILL don't have the money to get it going? Oh Megabucks where is thy payback!

One good note? Youngest beloved mutant son actually made it up and out of the house this AM to get to school on time, his first day of school this year? Is it a sign or simply the build up of a huge, Murphy's law type cosmic joke? Stay Tuned!!

And oh hell, this is the month I've got to register and inspect the little 4-wheeled skateboard. Well, we don't have to really worry about that until the damned thing is actually ON THE ROAD do we?


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